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Wordsearch Help

In the game of WordSearch, you mark the words that are hidden in a grid --up, down, forward, backward, or diagonally--, by "dragging" over them with your mouse. Your objective is to find all hidden words as quickly as possible. (Words may intersect, so a given letter could be used by more than one word!)

The number of remaining words is displayed below the grid, along with the amount of time you have used so far. Clicking the "Start" button starts both the game and the timer. (If you click "Start" while you are still solving a game, you will reset the clock and start a new game!) Clicking "Give Up" stops the timer and displays the position of all words in the grid.

Standard Word Searches

In our standard word searches, whenever you find a word, it is both marked in a different color and "greyed out" in the word list.

Expert Word Searches

In the expert word searches, there is no list showing you which words you are searching for --the only guidance you have is the theme of the word search.

"Clued" Word Search Puzzles

Our "clued" word search puzzles do have lists, but they contain descriptions or "clues", rather than the actual words you search for. (For example: the grid could contain the names of famous movie directors, while the word list could contain the titles of movies they directed.)

Word Search Hall of Fame

There are separate Halls of Fame for the Standard and the Expert version of each Word Search. (There is a separate Hall of Fame for each clued word search puzzle as well.)

Each time you play a particular Word Search, the location of the words in the grid will obviously be different. In addition, however, the actual set of words used may be different from one run to the next!

It may therefore be a good idea to practice with the Standard version of a Word Search for a while before you attempt the Expert version, so that you may become acquainted with the full set of words available for that Word Search.

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